Art of peace

Sometimes you go through things in life that make you see the real meaning of love. Its a harsh training process and reality to go through and understand and acknowledge. Lessons are not easy. Remember trying to pass your test in school? How many nights did you toss and turn wondering when the next attempt to pass would come. Many nights I did. Trying to recall and memorize information that was given so randomly and trying to retain all of it. Yes it was terrifying and stressful all at the same time. Im so glad it is not happening now. As I have graduated with a master degree and all. But life is a constant test. How you perform is measured by how much you achieve and how you react is just as important. Its amazing how much we go through in life. It is a true testor of our faith and how far we come. I have grown to love test of my faith because it makes me more grounded and I come away learning more than I did the first time. Its incredible how life ticks and turns like a clock. It doesnt stop so roll with the punches and keep pushing. Thats my motto and it’s the only one I live by. Because time us all we have. So always remenber karma is real and life isnt fair bad things happen to good people so dont be a little you know what. Stop caring what peoole think as they will think it anyway. Learn to be calm. That is the secret to any circumstance. Calm in the storm. Calm under stress calm under pressure. Calm calm calm. That is real peace. Practice it daily. Breathe. Pause and brrathe. Notice your breathing. And dont fret the things you can’t change as it is a waste of time and energy in the long run. Keep your eye fixed on the prize and persist until its automatic reaction. Life is for the strong in heart. Channel your negative energy to positive outcomes. Its incredible how jelous people promote you the most. If you dont have haters you are doing something wrong. Always use this as a measurement to exceeding expectations of yourself. Haters promote you the most too. Let em hate. Thats more for you to go after in the life. Vida a la vida! Live the life. You only get one shot. Make it count.



Disorganized agreement

You look into the eyes of the person in front of you or they seem to look into yours it pierces through deep deep into your soul as if they read your deepest darkest thoughts and secrets. Who is this person have they known you all their life. You don’t even know what your own thoughts are but yet this person seems to look deep deep down into the very depths of your inner being. They seem to premeditated your next thought what you’re going to say next. This is called having an argument. There’s something in the brain called the amygdala gland. And when two people are arguing the amygdala gland is perceived to the eyes. And if it perceives a threat it goes into fight or flight mode and you begin to defend yourself and argue. This is called amygdala hijack. Google it on the internet. Any time you have an argument with somebody your amygdala is being hijacked. This means that they have managed to trigger you in a way that makes you fear for your safety or or in better terms like you’re running from a lion and don’t want to get eaten. But in today’s society we don’t have Lions anymore we have stress. So we have to learn how to deal with reactions to things. Now to talk about agreement you have to agree to disagree. This is the best form of an argument. Everybody was raised a different way. So we are all right. Everybody is right in their own way. And when you understand that you won’t have an argument ever again. Because you will see that the other person sees the number 6 from their angle. You see the number 9 but they see the number 6 but it is still the same number right. So next time you are getting into argument. Just remember the other person is right to and agree with them and then State your opinion and if their amygdala gets hijacked then you know you are about to have an argument. So back off and calm down. Until their Amygdala becomes no longer hijacked. Only ┬áthen can an agreement be made in any situation or scenario.

A cold morning in September

You wake up and you feel colder in your nostrils. The next thing you know you look out the window. It seems like the day is getting more and more cold as the time goes by. You don’t know what to do as the seasons are changing. You’re going to feel the changes within your own self as well. It’s amazing what the body goes through when Nature begins to evolve and change. It’s like you have to change with the weather as well. Some people have what we call seasonal affective disorder. This is when the emotions fluctuate with the weather. The lack of sunshine cause them to go into kind of a depression like state. This can be healed by just increasing your vitamin D. Not just any vitamin but vitamin D3. You can find these in the health store as they are in tablet form. Try to get the form that has the powder inside of the capsule. This is more digestible for the immune system in the body. It’s nothing wrong feeling a little bit of sadness as the weather changes. It’s good to have a friend or so you can talk to. This is especially important When you go through changes and this is important to acknowledge that you are changing with the weather. Welcome September.


you hear the Rhythm to the beat the lyrics all comes together in a wonderful environment a musical emotion as you Sway and move to the beat this is the magic of Music we all heard music as a child even as a baby in our mother’s stomach we heard sounds and waves and different kinds of vibrational frequencies so we are accustomed to Rhythm and Beats so it’s no wonder we all love music so much in our lives that affects us on every level on every emotional level every part of our being we hear music and become more attached to events that happened in our life maybe a certain piece will bring back sadness or maybe moments of Joy or feelings of when we fell in love with our first love or even remind us of a tragedy that happened to us music has the gift to do that if you go to the nursing home people there have lost a lot of their memory and have dementia and Alzheimer’s but as soon as you sit down to play a piece of music on the piano they perk up because they can connect the events with the sound of the music and it brings back memories so not only is music profound in helping us to connect with our inner selves and but also to remember where we came from and what kind of Lives We have lived music is truly a gift if you suffer from any kind of mental health issues such as depression or anxiety music is very very very therapeutic and helping to alleviate these kind of symptoms depression especially if you’re having a bad day maybe put on some upbeat music if you’re having an anxious day put on some slow Classical Music calms your nerves it’s amazing the electrical firing in the brain how it connects and the synapses and the different connections that happen when you hear music it calms the body and it makes you feel better so try it

Prepaid cards

is something about a prepaid calling prepaid card you feel kind of a safety or security away from the Banks Banks seem to make a lot of mistakes sometimes and sometimes you just don’t want to have your money sitting in the bank this is true in a lot of circumstances and situations especially true when you’re dealing with your own money I went to a store today and I put $500 on a prepaid card and I want to use the card in the card was declined it did not activate what is going on how can you walk in the store with money and leave out the store without anything on your card I actually ended up calling the company and having a dispute over the phone as to figure out why the money did not go through on my card this is the kind of headache you go through sometimes in life how you react to it determines all of the energy that flows through your body the next moment and the rest of the day to have a positive attitude and Outlook is what I chose to do I chose to say that I learned a lesson that I would not put that much money on a card next time I would put a small amount and then test the card first to make sure the card worked so I actually took a lesson away from the experience but I could have gotten really depressed and upset about what happened to me and how I did not get activated with that much money butts in the end I got the money all back so everything was fine and okay but that’s just the thing that you have to take a risk with Prepaid Cards you just never know if everything’s going to work out or not so in the end attitude is everything

Traffic jam

what is it with the highway all these little lines dashes in the freeway it’s kind of like you’re looking at something and it kind of tricks your brain into thinking you’re going down fast lanes when actually you’re waiting on other people to make way so you can get past them have to put your brain in a hallucinating state where you actually think you’re going somewhere where you’re really not because you’re actually waiting for other people to get to where you need to go the lanes passing whizzing past your eyeballs as you try to focus on the car ahead of you and project the next move all of this is tension in the body is stressed we have a big truck that tries to get over all the sudden in front of you and your heart skips a beat because it could have hit you do you realize how much stress we put ourselves under when we go on the freeway and traffic jams on the way to work listen to your body and see how much stress you put your body through when you drive on the freeway if I were you I would put on soft soothing music or listen to a calm voice as you’re driving so that you can stay balanced in this busy busy life we have freeway driving causing tension and stress you’re utilizing all all of your functions your mind is your fight or flight just in case you get an accident all these are working together to prevent you from having an accident this is the life of living on the freeway and going to traffic jams take time to relax


you look at your plate your plate is decadent with the finest chocolate you ever seen in your life it’s sprinkled with the light dust mist of cinnamon powder chocolate and it is topped with bright pink raspberries and strawberries all over the mound of dark chocolate cake and vanilla ice cream is on top and it looks absolutely breathtaking you just stop and stare your mouth is open wide you begin to slobber all over yourself because you just can’t believe how mouth-wateringly delicious it looks then you decide to take your spoon and reluctantly dip into the beautiful piece of paradise that is before your eyes you bring the spoon to your mouth and you immediately go into complete and utter gasping because the taste is engulfing your mouth it swims in your mouth like nothing you’ve ever felt before in your life your taste buds are alive with a dark Dewey chocolatey yummy feel of goo from the the melted liquid chocolate in the cake along with the ice cream melting along with it creates a sensational world with in your mouth and look around all of a sudden everything looks different as you are experiencing this amazing sensation course through your body it is the taste of dessert


you feel your heart beating faster like it’s pounding out of your chest before you know it you start to feel sweaty what’s happening to you you notice that everyone around you is looking at you you don’t know why until you go in the bathroom and you look in the mirror at yourself you see a face that has eyebrows that are narrow and Stern you notice that your lips are tight and your eyebrows have changed your forehead seems to be a little bit more stiff you have the look of stress on your face what is happened you’ve experienced several chemical reactions in your body hormones & reactions that have coursed throughyour veins this has caused your body to jump into stress mode or fight or flight mode this reaction causes you to have all sorts of facial changes and chemical changes in reactions in your body we experience this every day as we sit in traffic waiting to get home from work we experiences onslaught of stress that attacks our bodies It’s Not Unusual for us to experience stress the key is how you handle the stress and how you react to it I have something called Aveda and it’s a spray that I spray a Mist in my face and I inhale the aromatherapy and breathe deeply the smell brings me back to calm place mentally so I have trained my mind to come to this place whenever I feel stressful everyone should have something that they use to bring them back to this calm peaceful place inside of themselves because we live in such a stressful environment the littlest thing can set you off and cause those chemicals to course through your veins and cause a stressful reaction in your body stress is the number one reason people get disease did you know that are organs house all of our emotions the spleen and the liver and stomach all house emotions emotions of anxiety emotions of sadness emotions of discouragement all kinds of emotions are sitting in our organs so when you have stress mixed with the combination of having your emotions in your organs and you’re not releasing stress appropriately every single day through meditation prayer relaxation methods massage whatever you can use your body can get very very sickly and you won’t be living to your fullest potential I strongly believe the way you manage stress is how you react to it you have to choose your reaction when that happens to you that is the only thing you have control over is your reaction so choose your reactions carefully and wisely and every situation and always remember to go with your gut instinct because that is always right your gut is your second brain and try to always use common sense especially under stressful situations

September 11th

you look at your calendar you flip through it it looks like any other ordinary day this was before September 11th happened the day that changed the entire look of the planet the way we see the world of the living and how we look at each other happened on September 11th this is the most devastating blow to the very structure of the United States of America when the terrorist hit our two towers two Precious Precious towers that we had standing in the center of New York City this was devastating to our heart as We watched our hearts being shattered live on screen everyone hands to their mouth mouth open tears streaming down faces screaming hollering yelling all my emotions came together in one huge volcano eruption of emotional devastation as we watched our fellow Americans suffer live on television and being helpless and unable to stop in them or to be of assistance and even those who tried went down in history on that fateful day this day is very very unique in a way because it made us come together and Define us all in one category we came together and strength in unity and Oneness and this is where We changed the face of our country of our nation the suffering was used to bind us together like iron bands we came together clad stronger than ever we think of the victims of September 11th our hearts are sad that day as we remember the mark they left on our hearts they will never leave our hearts we have to choose to move on even though the suffering is just as painful if you have moved on you probably feel the same pain in that day you wake up the day that you lost your precious precious loved one it’s like tearing the Band-Aid off of a wound the wound has tried to heal but every time the day comes it’s like you have to rip the Band-Aid off again experience the wound because you never get over the loss of a loved one you just move on but they always stay in your heart even though they’re not there in the physical through in the spiritual so my heart goes out to each one has lost a loved one on September 11th for anyone who suffers from depression because of September 11th or suffers from a mental illness because of September 11th the situation that happened to us will forever remain in our hearts and in our thoughts love you and praying for you and don’t give up we need you as a statue of OUR Liberty as you have lost so much on that fateful day and so have we